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Meet the Models

Name: Emily

Height: 5’5”

Size: Small 2/4

Bust: 34B

Favorite Food: Sushi

Interesting Fact: I love butterfly gardening.

Best Trip Ever: Napa Valley! We visited several wineries and they have some of the best food in the country! It was such a relaxing trip!


Name: Kelsey

Height: 5’7”

Size: Small/2-4

Bust: 34B

Favorite Food: Mexican Food & French Fries

Interesting Fact: Twin sister to the owner!!

Best Trip Ever: Any trip that involves family! Keystone, Disney, Leavenworth, Rodanthe, Panama City, Rosemary, Breckenridge, and so many more.


Name: Sarah

Height: 5’8"

Size: Medium/8

Bust: 36C

Favorite Food: Pizza 

Interesting Fact: I love to run!

Best Trip Ever: Bahamas!!!


Name: Courtney

Height: 5’6”

Size: Small/2-4

Bust: 34B

Favorite Color: Any shade of blue.

Interesting Fact: I am the owner of this boutique, a mom of 2, and a twin!

Favorite Food: MEXICAN

Best Trip Ever: Any trip that involves family: Keystone, Charleston, Canada, Emerald Isle, Gulf Shores, Rodanthe, Jamaica, Panama City, Barcelona/Spain, etc.


Name: Simone 

Height: 5'7"

Size: Small; 4

Bust: 34DD

Favorite Food: All the foods.

Interesting Fact: I teach kindergarten! Best. Job. Ever!

Best Trip Ever: Skiing with my huge family!


Name: Trish

Height: 5'5"

Size: Medium/8-10

Bust: 34DD

Interesting Fact: I used to be a full time firefighter and I parallel parked a fire engine once.

Favorite Food: King Crab Legs

Best Trip Ever: Scotland/Ireland