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Strong is Beautiful Tank & Ombre Cropped Leggings

It usually takes quite a bit of self motivation and determination for me to stick to and achieve certain goals when it comes to my body. Finding PilatesRemix classes 4 months ago at @beyondstudios with @becca.conner has made it so much easier. I also find quotes like the one on this tank "Strong is Beautiful" from @shopalittlepeaceofjoy seem to help 💪🏼 (It's a good thing you can get one too, CUSTOM MADE, for only $20 and when you use my code RITA15 you'll receive a 15% discount!) Visit to create your tank and also purchase the leggings I'm wearing (comes in different colors) #shoprep #alittlepeaceofjoy #nofilter #postpilatesworkout #gobeyond

~ Rita @margarita09tx

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