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My Clinic Tee

Hey all!

We have teamed up with Pink Armadillos to bring you this adorable shirt: "My Clinic Is My Happy Place"

We posted a couple days ago that any school could be put on this tee, but a dear friend gave us the idea of putting "my clinic" to recognize those on the frontline. That way any nurse, hospital staff, doctor, etc could wear this tee, plus if they transfer to a new clinic, it is still wearable!

You have until May 15th to place your order for this tee.

Price: $19.95-$23.95 (heck of a deal because it is coming straight from the designer)

It is available in 2 colors (grey or navy), 2 styles (crew or v-neck), and sizes Youth & Adult.

Share this with all of your nurse/medical friends, especially with Nurse Appreciation Week around the corner. Perfect gift for any nurse out there!

Let us know if you have any questions or issues!


**Note these may take a couple weeks to get to you since they are similar to a preorder.**